EMKAY Kites4U Your kite adventure starts here. Important: Our webshop at www.Kites4U.co.uk will be updated soon. EMKAY Kites4U   Your kite adventure starts here.         Important: Our webshop at  www.Kites4U.co.uk will be updated soon.  

Welcome to Kites4U

Shopping at Kites4U means looking at what is probably the UK's largest choice of kites for all ages, kite flying line, decorative wind art items for your home, garden or business and all year round gift ideas.
We stock high quality brand name kites that stand out in the crowd of kites available elsewhere.
We are sure that we have the right kite to bring you and your family hours of kite flying fun!
Go fly our kites and put the 'fun' back in every day of the year. Remember the wind is free.

Enjoy your visit, please bookmark our site, come back and please tell your friends about us.

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4U we have



Single Line Fun Kites for Children and Adults,
Specialist Single Line Kites
2 and 4 Line Beginner Stunt and Sport Kites,
2 and 4 Line Parafoil Power and Traction Kites,
Kite Line For All Kiting Activities, Kite Accessories,
Wind Art, Colourful Hot Air Balloons, W
ind Socks and Wind Mills,
Workable Glove, Hand and Finger Puppets,

Beach Rolly and More ...

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